MSSC Fun Enduro Trial Challenge 4th Feb - More info
Friday, February 02, 2007 (11:24:17)

Posted by Kied

MSSC Fun Enduro Trial Challenge 4th Feb - More info

I am sure everyone wants more details of the event on the 4th Feb. Here's how things are looking so far....

Click to find out more.............

Scoring format

Clean – Riding the sections without footing, stopping or failing 0 point

Riders need to clear all 9 Obstacles within a time frame of 4mins

Rider with the best time card and minimum points accumulated wins


Footing or Stopping
One foot down 1st time: 1 point

One foot down 2nd time onwards or Two foot down: 3 points

Failure to cross the obstacles: 5 points
The machine passes the wrong side of a boundary marker or
crosses a boundary with either wheel on the ground.

Damage to the Markers: 5 points
Breaking or removal of a marking tape

Break, Remove or Knock Down of a Marker: 5 points

Crossing its own track : 5 points
By doing a complete loop or reattempt

Receiving Outside Assistance: 5 points
A third party touches the rider of machine or removes a natural
Obstacle or push on the tape from outside.

Refusal to attempt a obstacle: 5 points

Failure to move off from a obstacle within 10sec time allowance: 5 points
Only maximum 2 delays will be allowed, 3rd delay will consider DQ

Total loss of control of the machine: 5 points

The Engine Stops: 5 points
The engine stops whilst the rider is leaning or when
the machine in the middle of obstacle or touches the ground

Refusal to leave a section after failure: 10 points

Disorderly conduct towards an Official: DQ

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