MSSC Dirt Bike Carnival
Thursday, February 01, 2007 (05:09:12)

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MSSC Dirt Bike Carnival 4 Feb 2007

Adults Endurocross Fun Race, FREE Public dirtbike try-outs, Kids Fun dirt race, Women's fun Dirt race, Bicycle trials demo, prizes, Fun, Results & Prize Presentation will be held at Ponggol 17th Ave @ Marina Country Club on Sunday, the 4 Feb 2007. A Member of Parliament will be giving out the prizes.....

Don't Miss out on all the fun activities this Sunday, Click to find out more details Plan your day from the time table.......

0700 - 0730hrs Officials sign in & Setting up
0730 – 0800hrs Registration of Kids participants + technical inspection
0800 – 0830hrs Registration of Women participants + technical inspection
0800 – 0900hrs Kids warmup ride
0830 – 0900hrs Registration of Enduro Cross participants + technical inspection
0900 – 0915hrs Arrival of VIP
0900 – 0930hrs Kids MX demonstration ride & Video shoot
0930 – 1100hrs Dirt Bike Try-out 1
• Kids (6 to 12yrs)
• Adults (age 12yrs & above)
1100 – 1130hrs Kids MX Telematch 1
1100 – 1200hrs Enduro Trail Briefing & parctise
1130 – 1200hrs Women’s Riding program 1 (TBC)

1200 – 1300hrs Lunch break
• Bicycle trial demonstration
1330 – 1340hrs Announcement of result for MSSC Enduro Rd 1
1330 – 1500hrs Dirt Bike Try-out 2
• Kids (6 to 12yrs)
• Adults (age 12yrs & above)
1400 – 1500hrs Arrival of VIP / Prize Presentation to winners of MSSC Enduro Rd 1
1500 – 1530hrs Kids MX Telematch 2
1530 – 1600hrs Women’s Riding program 2 (TBC)
1600 – 1700hrs Start of Enduro cross Telematch (trail)

Note :
1. Race Results & Prize Presentation will be held at Ponggol 17th Ave @ Marina Country Club on the 4 Feb 2007. Member of Parliament will be giving out the prizes.

2. Prize presentation dress code - Full proper riding gears or Jeans and Polo Shirt and shoes.

3. Above program may varies on actual day.

4. For Adults EnduroCross:
Its $10 on the spot entry for 2 attempts only. You will be handed a time card and a safety marshall will walk you (you ride) thru a man-made fun filled course. Its very slow speed and safe, don't worry. Observed Trial riders should do well here!! You get penalties if you go out of bound, put down your leg or fall over....etc. When you finish, the time card is collected. You may pay another $10 for another 2 tries if you did badly. End of the day, the best time card wins.

5. The Kids and Women fun race are free, just turn up with gear and bike for a good time!!

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