Press Release - Singapore MX track
Thursday, July 12, 2007 (09:08:24)

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Press Release – Singapore Motocross Track Finally
Motocross track in Singapore

Watch the news tonight and tune in to the radio. This press release was given to all the press people at the track today.

Press Release – Singapore Motocross Track Finally
Motocross track in Singapore
SMSA has secured a 25,000sqm of land in Tuas for the sole purpose of dirt biking or Motocross for the next 3 years. The riders in are excited and eager to start riding there soon. The MX bike industry is excited to return to the golden years of dirt biking where Singapore holds regional races which Malaysians, Indonesians and Thais come to race in Singapore.

Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA) is affiliated to international motor sports governing bodies such as Intternational De LÁutomobile (FIA), Commission Internationale De Karting-FIA (CIK-FIA) and Federation Internationale Motorcyclisme (FIM). Collectively, these organizations control every aspect of motor sports in the international arena. Very much like how the General Association of International Sports Federations is the world’s governing authority of Olympic sports. These affiliations, together with recognition from Singapore Sports Council as the National Sporting Association (NSA) for motor sports, comes with great responsibilities, and that is to promote motor sports in Singapore. Not just as a sporting activity, but also as an industry.

Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA) objectives for the Singapore Motocross track is
a. To develop the sport of motocross and dirt bike riding in Singapore
b. To improve the overall dirt bike riding standards in Singapore
c. To develop and promote kids and youth riding as a sporting activity
d. To facilitate training for new dirt bike riders as well as Singaporeans riders at international level competitors
e. To promote rider safety on the road, on the dirt and in motocross racing using FIM safety guidelines and standards regarding rider protection, bike safety, track safety and race procedures.

Milestones and tasks ahead
Step 1 :
To clear / build up track area
To secure track area by fencing it up
To start riding clinics for current riders
Introduction clinics for new Riders / Children
Step 2 :
To start improving our local standards of riding by having competitions on a regular basis To start having mini cycle competition for children, also on a regular basis
To maintain / improve track area
Send SMSA officials for courses organized by FIM to ensure we are kept abreast of the latest regulations and safety requirements.
Step 3 :
To start encouraging our local riders to start competing regionally
To improve our riding standards - bring in a recognized motocross coach to train our Singapore coaches / riders / children
To rebuild track to international standards, while separating another track for beginners
Using SMSA’s Qualified officials to perform various duties at an international race following international sporting codes of the FIM is a popular Singapore website forum for local dirt bike fanatics since 2002. 6000+ registered members and about 30,000 hits a day.

Current situation is a costly option where Singapore dirt bike riders travel all across Malaysia chasing the Malaysian Motocross race series. has negotiated for a Singapore specific class and arranged shared transportation for race machines and riders from Singapore. Although the Malaysian riders are much faster and better, the best way for Singaporeans to improve safely is to race in our own class with lap timings to compare how slow we are versus the Malaysians.

How SMSA and work together?
Most serious dirtbike riders hold a SMSA racing licence and a racing insurance with a medical card. The same riders are also actively expressing excitement during discussions in regarding MX races and MX race tracks. The community of dirt bike riders already have seen some fathers of riders and riders themselves wanting to volunteer and help in the building of the track. Together we are hoping for the best and many good years of MX races to come.

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